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Water Quality Testing Electrolyzer

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Water Quality Testing Electrolyzer

Water Quality Testing Electrolyzer

Quick Details

Brand Name:HL
Model Number:HL01
Usage:Automatic Test Machine
Shape:Small Rectangle
Function:Testing Machines For Testing Water Quality


Water Quality Testing Electrolyzer

Testing methods:
1.Prepare for water---using white glass with 100-500ml water  capacity,one glass is filled in running water and the other glass is filled in RO pure water,put them in the table side by side.
2. Prepare for testing---put the electrolyzer in the  glass ,then insert to the power.
3.Testing---turn on the button "on",and test for 30 seconds,then turn on the "off",remove the water electrolyzer.
Water color meaning after using electrolyzers
Green: arsenic, chloroform,Four methyl chloride, copper oxide, ferrous iron
Blue: bacteria, viruses, organophosphorus (chemical fertilizers, detergents, and pesticides), aluminium sulphate
Red: price of mercury, ferric iron
White: lead, zinc, mercury, asbestos, calcium and magnesium
Black: heavy metals (zinc, lead, mercury, copper, chromium, manganese, cadmium)
yellow: dissolved oxygen, trace elements, organic minerals

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