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Household ro water filter 4.0gallon food grade plastic water tank

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Household ro water filter 4.0gallon food grade plastic water tank

Household ro water filter 4.0gallon food grade plastic water tank

Quick Details
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:LuYue
Model Number:SHA028
product name:water filter pressure water tank
Material:Food grade PP plastic
Actual Capacity:7.2~7.6L
Gasbag Pressure:5~7 psi (About 0.05Mpa)
Packing size:27X27X36cm


Household ro water filter 4.0gallon food grade plastic water tank

Product Description
Usage:  4.0G RO water storage tank usually to be used as built-outside RO Tank for RO water purifier to provent water pollution.otastic nozzle will not break easy,slip wire,high materrial,each product factory pressure test have been 1MP,2MP is not the highest burst pressure test.Part of each wading,food-grad materials are used.for RO system design.The wateris stay between Polypropylene liner and diaphragm. 
Advantage: Technology originated in Britain
          At first positioning blasting technology
          Antiknock pressure more than 20kg
          Food-grade polypropylene material
          By the centers for disease control and prevention in shandong province has
          Chinese life-insurance company assune insurance
          The product has applied for patents
          The national freight in 50
Detail information:  N.W : 2025g 
                   Material : Polypropylene
                   Max Diameter : 24.5cm
                   Height : 34.2cm
                   Product description : Water storage pressure tank 3.0G
                   Working pressure :50Psi
                   Bottom air charge pressure : 5-7psi
                   Empty drum pressure : 0.45kpa
                   Full water pressure : 2-2.5kpa

Packaging & Delivery
packing depend on the which capacity you need it ;
Delivery Time:15~20days
reverse osmosis water filter 4.0gallon plastic water tank

Pressure water filter storage tank Troubleshooting 
User frequently asked questions, maybe you need too !
1.How much Pure water can a 4.0G pressure water tank hold ?
A: Water storage is determined by 2 factors:
a. Stopping pressure of the RO water filter (Based on high pressure switch ,usually 0.25MPA);
b. Specifications for pressure tank (3.2G, 4.0G, 5G, 6G, 10G...)
The following is the water storage of each specification Tank ( 0.25MPA ):
2.How do I inflate the pressure water tank ?
A: First open the tank valve before inflating, so that the water in the pressure tank flows out till no water flow out,then Bring it to the car wash shop. 
There is a inflating valve port at the bottom of the pressure tank , with the pressure of 0.05MPA. 
Be careful !! 
During the inflating process, tank valve is in the open state and maybe a strong water injection.
3. pressure barrel always easy to leak, can not be repaired ?
A: once the pressure tank leaks, it can not be repaired. only be replaced!
4. do the new pressure drums need to be inflated ?
A: No need, it can be used directly !

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