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Composite alkaline mineral filter

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Composite alkaline mineral filter

2018-05-13 20:16:41


Society's progress and development can not be separated from the development of industry and modern agriculture, the environment pollution is inevitable.At present, the world has as many as 6000 children died every day because of dirty drinking water.

To solve this problem ,People get pure water from reverse osmosis (RO) technology , remove all the metal , heavy metal and other micro element .

According to the World Health Organization standards , alkaline mineral water ,and negative potential , is healthy for people daily drinking ,

Pure water from RO water machine is safe ,at the same time , it brings some other problems:

first , no micro mineral element in the water;

Second , it is not alkaline water .

How to offer people safe and healthy drinking water from reverse osmosis water system ?

To make up for the gap in the market , A new patented product was born !

Product name Composite alkaline mineral filter

Type PH Alkaline water filter
mineral water filter
Material Natural mineral stone 
Calgon carbon
Function 1 Mineral water (Ca ,K , Mg ,Na , Sr, Se ,Li ,Zn , Mo...)
Function 2 Alkaline water (PH 7.2~8.5)
Water pressure 0.1~0.4Mpa
Maximum Flow 2.3LPM
Service time 6 tons water
Replacement cycle 1~2 years

Packing 56X26.5X27CM/50PCS/24.5KG/BOX

Function 1------Mineral water

Micro element as world top brand water--Evian water :Ca ,K , Mg ,Na , Sr, Se ,Li ,Zn , Mo......

Strontium(Sr): preventing atherosclerosis , prevent the thrombosis,

anti-osteoporosis function .

Selenium(Se): with function of anti-cancer,Antioxidant,increasing immunity, adjust the vitamin absorption , maintain muscle

Lithium(Li): Lithium can improve the hematopoietic function, improve the immune function of human body. Lithium regulation of central nervous system activity, can calm nerves, control of neurological disorders. Lithium can replace sodium, prevent and cure cardiovascular disease.

Potassium(K):Potassium is involved in the metabolism of sugar, protein and energy, and is involved in the maintenance of the osmotic pressure and acid-base balance of the cell, the external fluid, and the excitability of nerve and muscle.

Zinc(Zn):Maintain normal appetite,increasing immunity,promoting the healing of wound ,and trauma and absorption of vitamin A,maintaining the function of male reproductive

Molybdenum(Mo): Molybdenum is an important component of a variety of enzymes, can promote the development of the prevention of anemia, maintain the myocardial energy metabolism, prevention of Keshan disease. Maintain arterial elasticity and prevent cardiovascular disease. Maintenance of human immune function. Regulating thyroid gland. Prevention of dental caries, kidney stones and cancer, etc..

Copper(Cu): Copper is an essential nutrient for human health. It has important effects on the development and function of the blood, central nervous system, immune system, hair, skin and bone tissue, brain, liver and heart.

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