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1T/H RO system

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1T/H RO system

2018-07-22 23:17:04

1T/H RO system

High TDS 7000-10000ppm 0.5T to 2T each hour reverse osmosis water filter system
Reverse osmosis water system  Capacity: 0.50m3 / h, maximum working pressure: 1.5MPa, desalination rate: 97%, system water use efficiency: ≥ 30%
A. Membrane components 4040 Material: FRP white
B. Membrane  LCLE-4040
C. Stainless steel rack
D. Panel flow meter 5GPM      
E. Instruments, meters
F. Water conductivity meter CM-230
G. Inlet water solenoid valve   DN20  
H. Dense water solenoid valve DN15 
I. Valves, pipe U-PVC
Electronic Control System
General control cabinet: PLC program controller, air switch, AC contactors, thermal relays, lights, knob switches, pressure switches, level switches etc
A.quartz sand
B.activated carbon
UV system 500L/H,1000L/H,1T/H , 2T/H,
ozone 3G/H,5G/H,10G/H,

Scene valves, U-PVC pipe

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