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Salt dissolving tank united standard water softener filter system


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Salt dissolving tank united standard water softener filter system

Salt dissolving tank united standard water softener filter system 
Quick Details
Brand Name:UMHL
Warranty:1 Year
Color:Natural /Almond/ Blue/ Black/ Grey
Application:Steam boiler, hot water boiler, circulating water
Function:Removal of calcium and magnesium
Valve:RunXin or Fleck
Operating system:automatic
Pressure:0.2~0.6 mpa
Filter media:Resin


Technical Specification
• Working Pressure: 0.1~0.6 MPa
• TDS: ≤700mg/L
• Production Capacity: 1~35m3/h
• Raw water temperature: 1~40 degree
• Operating temperature: 1~50 degree
• Inlet water hardness: ≤12mmol/L
• Outlet water hardness: ≤0.03mmol/L
• Regenerating resin should use NaCl, couldn't use iodised salt, calcium salt
Automatic Water Softeners Characters
 • Sealing parts is made of high hardness and high flatness ceramic grinding, low failure rate, long service life.
 • Micro-omputerized controller with memory function, when power on again after outage, the original settings are intact.
 • The time of regeneration cycle, backwash, suck salt, backwater, washing and other steps can be pre-set independently, the regeneration process save time and salt .

 • Regeneration cycle is setted according to water usage, softed water is more assured, during regeneration, hard water no pass

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