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Household HEPA filter Air purifier Anion

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Household HEPA filter Air purifier Anion

Household HEPA filter Air purifier Anion
Model No.,:HL-001
2,Control way:touching-type
3,Maximal noise:65db
4,filter style: three style filter
5,Formaldehyde CADR:300m3/H
6,Formaldehyde CCM:F1(300≤M<600)
7,Particulate matter CADR:300m3/H
8,Particulate matter CCM:P4(1200≤M)
9,Air volume:400m3/H
10,Applying space:41m3-60m3
11,Function:periodically removing  VOC,pollen,particulate matter,formaldehyde,smells of smoke,dust,bacteria,humidification,oxygenation.
12,power way:AC
13,Suitable for:commercial,domestic


It adopts 3 stage filter and 8 stage purifying which can effectively filter PM2.5,dust,hair,removing formaldehyde, TVOC and so on. 
Adsorbing odors and killing bacteria. The machine can input the cleansing air to protect your health through the layers of filtration.
Warm Notes:
The filter in replaceable progress reminds that its using time is 2700 hours(the filter needs to change after 1 year according the using time of 8 hours every day. But the practical pollution level is different so changing filter time can be in line with the machine sound producing and the smelling.

1Formaldehyde purifying ratemore than 96.2%

2Bacteria purifying ratemore than 97.6%


4Product Net Weight10.8kg


6wind speedslowmiddlehighsuper

7PM2.5 purifying ratemore than 99.9%

8Anion content1000/cm3

9,Noiselower 56db

10,Input power65W


12,product size403*245*605M

high precision optical dust sensor

Reflect on air quality good or not through 4 color lights.

Red: bad



Green: excellent


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